mSHAPE is a PARAMETRIC DESIGN PROJECT which EMPOWERS PEOPLE to affect the SHAPE of a design object.

mTABLE is the first mSHAPE product. It ENABLES PEOPLE to create THEIR OWN TABLE using a mobile phone. The mTABLE is designed by SCULPTING a surface, choosing dimensions, materials and colours. These PARAMETERS are directly transmitted to the computer controlled production facility for the manufacturing of the CUSTOM DESIGNED mTABLE.


1. DOWNLOAD: Get the mTABLE APPLICATION and install it on a NOKIA SERIES 60 compatible MOBILE PHONE (7650 or later).

2. DESIGN: The mTABLE is designed with the following SIMPLE ACTIONS: PRESSURE: Sculpt a SMOOTH LANDSCAPE by placing one of seven deformers. Depending on the distribution of the forces you can even create holes in your mTABLE. DIMENSION: Choose any table size between 0.6m x 0.6m and 1.2m x 2.4m. The height can be set between 0.2m and 0.9m. MATERIAL: Choose between Swiss walnut wood and high gloss lacquer in numerous colours. SUBMIT your design to mSHAPE.COM.

3. CONTROL / ORDER: Once submitted, your design is RENDERED and can be viewed in HIGH RESOLUTION on this website. The details of your mTABLE can be checked using a 3D VIEWER. Browse through other designs to get inspired and view pictures of already built mTABLES. Order your mTABLE through a local dealer.

4. PRODUCTION: The design data is TRANSMITTED to the MANUFACTURER where the surface of the mTABLE is shaped with a COMPUTER CONTROLLED MILL. The final assembly and quality control is taken care of by a professional CARPENTER.

5. DELIVERY: Your mTABLE will be SHIPPED after 8-12 weeks. Every mTABLE produced receives a UNIQUE NUMBER.