1. START: OPEN the mTABLE DESIGN APPLICATION by clicking the mTABLE ICON in the mobile phone MENU. During STARTUP the mSHAPE LOGO is displayed, then the MAIN VIEW will appear showing a rotating mTABLE. Use OPTIONS to ENTER the MENU and EXIT to quit the application. Your LATEST DESIGN is AUTOMATICALLY SAVED on EXIT.

2. DESIGN VIEW: Use OPTIONS>BOTTOM (or TOP) SURFACE VIEW to SHAPE your mTABLE. SCULPT a SMOOTH LANDSCAPE by placing one of SEVEN DEFORMERS with the JOYSTICK. Once set, the FORCE of a deformer IS INCREASED with every joystick. A DEFORMER is DELETED through a LONG PUSH on the joystick. The resulting LANDSCAPE can INTERSECT WITH THE OPPOSING SURFACE and create HOLES in your mTABLE. Forces PLACED OUTSIDE of an mTABLE will shape the TABLES EDGE.

3. TURNTABLE VIEW: Use OPTIONS>TURNTABLE VIEW to switch to the ROTATING 3D VIEW of the current mTABLE. Navigate with the joystick.

FEATURES: Use the OPTIONS>FEATURES submenu to set DIMENSIONS and MATERIAL of the mTABLE. Choose any table table size between 0.6 x 0.6m and 1.2 x 2.4m. The height can be set between 0.2 and 0.9m. If the height is SMALLER than 0.4m the LANDSCAPE reverses and becomes the TOP SURFACE. Choose between SWISS WALNUT WOOD and HIGH GLOSS LACQUER in one hundred RAL COLOURS. NAVIGATE and SET VALUES with the JOYSTICK and LEAVE the feature submenus with BACK or Joystick CLICK.

5. FAVOURITE: Use OPTIONS>FAVORITE to SET, SWAPor RESTORE a favorite design. SET allows you to SAVE A DESIGN while you PLAY with another. If you wish to return to the saved design use RESTORE. With SWAP it is possible to ALTERNATE BETWEEN two designs.

6. SEND TO mSHAPE.COM: Use the OPTIONS>SEND TO MSHAPE.COM to SUBMIT your mTABLE. The NAME you enter will appear as CO-DESIGNER on