mTABLES range from small LOUNGE to large DINING, OFFICE or CONFERENCE tables. They are available in massive swiss WALNUT WOOD and high glossy COLOUR LAQUER.

Apart from defining DIMENSIONS, MATERIAL and COLOUR the CLIENT can SCULPT the surface of his mTABLE. The result is a seducing SMOOTH LANDSCAPE which MANIFESTS itself DISCRETELY on the table edges or resolutely with HOLES in the surface of the mTABLE. If the height is SMALLER than 0.4m the LANDSCAPE reverses and becomes the TOP SURFACE. The DECISION on number, size and placement of potential holes is TAKEN by the CLIENT, making every mTABLE a UNIQUE and DISTINCTIVE design object.

The DIRECT and PLAYFUL interaction with the SHAPE of the table turns each CLIENT into the CO-DESIGNER of his mTABLE. Nevertheless the unique DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS allows for different mTABLES to be RECOGNIZED as belonging to one product and design FAMILY.



NOTE: mTABLE is NOTan INDUSTRIAL product. Although the design and part of the manufacturing process are based on ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, the final assembly and surface treatment is HANDCRAFTED. Because WOOD is a living material every wooden mTABLE is UNIQUE in its PATTERN.